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Safety Benefits of Type II Barricades

Safety Benefits of Type II Barricades

In the world of traffic control and safety, Type II barricades stand as guardians, protecting workers, special event participants, 5k runners, and motorists alike. These versatile and rugged metal units have become indispensable in ensuring barriers and safety in various scenarios. Let's explore the safety benefits and the numerous applications our clients expect from Type II barricades, shedding light on their crucial role in providing safety and traffic management. It is worth mentioning that at All American Barricades, all of our Type II barricades are MUTCD approved and NCHRP-350 certified which is an added layer of safety and compliance.



  • Two panels of reflective sheeting
  • 24" w x 12" h or 24" w x 8" h top panel
  • 24" w x 8" h or 24" w x 6" h bottom panel
  • Metal and plastic units
  • Designed to use a barricade light

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Safety Benefits:


Enhanced Visibility:
Type II barricades are designed with high-visibility reflective sheeting, making them easily noticeable even in low-light conditions. This reflective material significantly reduces the risk of accidents, particularly during nighttime operations or in adverse weather conditions, where visibility is compromised.

Clear Guidance:
These barricades are typically equipped with clear and standardized warning signs, indicating potential hazards and guiding motorists and pedestrians away from danger zones. They help prevent confusion and minimize the likelihood of accidents caused by unclear instructions.

Sturdy Construction:
Type II barricades are engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Constructed from durable materials like plastic, they can endure harsh weather conditions and repeated impacts without compromising safety. Their robust design ensures they remain steadfast in place.

Quick Deployment:
One of the key advantages of Type II barricades is their portability and ease of deployment. They can be set up and taken down swiftly, making them ideal for temporary road closures, construction sites, parades, and special events. Their flexibility allows for efficient traffic management without causing unnecessary delays.


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Added Benefits:


Road Construction and Maintenance:
Type II barricades are commonly seen on road construction sites. They delineate work zones, alerting drivers to potential hazards and redirecting traffic to ensure the safety of both workers and commuters. Their high visibility is crucial in preventing accidents in these dynamic environments.

Temporary Closures:
Whether for repairs, emergencies, or special events, Type II barricades provide a reliable solution for closing roads or lanes temporarily. They effectively communicate the closure to motorists and pedestrians, allowing for smooth traffic redirection.

Crowd Control:
These barricades are invaluable in managing crowds at public gatherings, concerts, festivals, and parades. They create clearly defined paths and boundaries, preventing overcrowding and ensuring the safety of attendees.

Parking Lot Management:
Shopping centers, airports, and other busy parking areas benefit from the versatility of Type II barricades. They help maintain order by designating parking areas, preventing vehicle access to restricted zones, and guiding pedestrians safely.

School Zones:
Type II barricades play a pivotal role in enhancing safety around school zones. They are often used to mark crosswalks, alert drivers to reduced speed limits, and ensure that children can travel to and from school safely.

Utility Work:
Utility companies frequently employ Type II barricades when conducting repairs or maintenance on roads and sidewalks. These barricades keep workers and the public safe by providing clear boundaries and warnings.


Type II barricades are safety workhorses, protecting lives and streamlining traffic flow across diverse applications. Their two panels of reflective sheeting provide high visibility day and night, and their simple design makes them easy to deploy and indispensable in various scenarios, from road construction to crowd control. As demand evolves, these barricades will continue to adapt, ensuring that safety on Florida's roads and at public events remains a top priority. As you can see, the importance of Type II barricades in enhancing safety and order cannot be overstated. 

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