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Best Practices when closing roads for a 5k run

Best Practices when closing roads for a 5k run

Having assisted various reputable organizations in our area for over 20 years (from the Florida Keys to Jacksonville), we have witnessed the negative side of poor planning, ranging from safety risks and traffic disruptions to emergency response challenges, costly permit violations, and community backlash. 

Our team has compiled a primer on successfully executing your next 5K run. Keep in mind that specific requirements may vary depending on the location and jurisdiction. Planning a street event with road closures involves careful coordination and adherence to local regulations. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you plan a successful 5k run in South Florida. All American Barricades always consults with local authorities and have professionals to ensure compliance with all relevant jurisdictions.

Obtain the necessary permits from local authorities or municipalities. This may include road closure permits, event permits, and any other permits required for hosting an event.

Traffic Control Plan: 
Develop a detailed traffic control plan that outlines how road closures will be implemented. This plan should consider alternative routes for traffic, emergency vehicle access, and pedestrian safety.

Emergency Services Coordination: 
Coordinate with local emergency services, including police, fire, and medical services. Ensure that emergency vehicles have unimpeded access to the event area.

Signage and Barricades: 
Properly install signage and barricades to indicate road closures and direct traffic. Ensure that the signage meets local standards and regulations. When choosing barricades, it's important to consider the specific requirements, including the expected level of foot or vehicle traffic, the duration of the closure, and any aesthetic considerations.

Security Personnel:
Employ trained personnel or security staff to monitor and manage road closures during the event. They should be familiar with the traffic control plan and be able to respond to any issues.

Collaboration with Local Authorities: 
Work closely with local law enforcement and transportation departments to coordinate road closures and ensure compliance with all regulations.


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French barricades
(As seen above) Find frequent applications in 5k runs, marathons, parades, and various events. They serve as effective tools for crowd control not only in large gatherings like public events and parades but also in more intimate settings such as outdoor parties, and galas.

Which barricade types are the best for road closures?
The choice of barricade types for road closures depends on factors such as the nature of the event, the level of security required, and the local regulations. Here are some common types of barricades used for 5k runs:

Water-Filled Barriers:
Made of plastic and filled with water for added weight. Portable and easy to set up. Provide a visible and effective barrier.

Steel Barricades:
Interlocking steel barriers with flat feet for stability. Lightweight and easy to transport. Suitable for pedestrian control and can be used to create designated event areas.

Traffic Cones:
Lightweight and portable. Typically used for temporary and low-impact road closures. Can be combined with caution tape for added visibility.

Type III Barricades:
Foldable, reflective barricades are typically used for road closures and detours. Equipped with reflective sheeting for enhanced visibility. Often used on highways and larger roadways.

A-Frame Barricades:
Portable and easy to set up. Often used for pedestrian control or to mark specific areas. Can be combined with signage for additional information.

Bike Rack Barricades:
Interlocking metal barricades resembling bike racks. Suitable for creating pedestrian walkways and controlled access areas. Provide a flexible and visible barrier.

Plastic Barricades:
Lightweight and durable. Available in various colors for high visibility. Can be connected to form longer barriers.

Concrete K-Rail Barriers:
Similar to Jersey Barriers but with a different shape. Heavy and sturdy, providing a robust barrier. Commonly used for construction sites and large events.


5K runs are very popular in South Florida, equivalent to a street event. Typically organized as a running event for participants of varying fitness levels, the 5K serves as a common introduction to the world of distance running. All American Barricades is an ideal partner for ensuring the safety and success of your 5K run in South Florida. With our expertise in traffic control and event permitting, we offer a comprehensive solution, from providing high-quality, cosmetically pleasing barricades to navigating the intricate permitting process. Our professional team understands the local regulations and can assist in developing a tailored traffic control plan, ensuring efficient road closures and participant safety. By choosing All American Barricades, you gain a trusted ally with a proven track record in facilitating successful events, allowing you to focus on the run's execution while we handle the logistical aspects seamlessly, contributing to a smooth and secure experience for participants and spectators alike.

All American Barricades is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering comprehensive services across the entire state. With strategically located satellite offices in Palm Beach and Winter Garden, we ensure swift accessibility to every corner of Florida, from the Panhandle to the Keys. To get in touch with any of our offices or to reach us directly, please click here, or you can call us at (888) 472-3389.


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