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A detailed look at our inventory of barricades part 1

A detailed look at our inventory of barricades part 1

Type II Barricades
Typically made of metal or plastic, are commonly used for traffic control and safety purposes. Here are some of their many uses:
They are often employed in construction areas to guide traffic and warn drivers of potential hazards. They can also be used to block off sections of roads or highways in the event of accidents. We have often used them to designate specific parking areas, restrict access to certain zones, or create pedestrian walkways. When lined up together Type II barricades can be used for temporary road closures for events or maintenance work. Lastly, they can support temporary signs, such as detour signs, speed limit warnings, or construction zone notifications. 



Type III Barricades
Typically used in situations where higher visibility and more substantial traffic control measures are necessary. Often employed on highways and freeways where traffic speeds are higher, providing enhanced visibility and warning to drivers. Type III barricades can be deployed during emergencies such as accidents, natural disasters, or hazardous material spills to control traffic, establish perimeters, or guide evacuations.


Traffic drums, also known as traffic barrels, are commonly used for traffic control and safety purposes. One of the many uses for this versatile and easy-to-store barricade is lane delineation, Traffic drums are often placed along roadways, especially in construction zones or areas where lanes are temporarily shifted. They can also be deployed for traffic channelization to guide traffic by indicating the direction vehicles should travel, particularly in situations where lanes merge or diverge. Traffic drums mark hazards such as potholes, obstructions, or road damage, alerting drivers to potential dangers. Along with Type III barricades drums are used to block off roads or closed lanes for construction, maintenance, or emergency purposes. We often use Traffic drums in events such as parades, marathons, or festivals to manage crowds and control vehicular traffic.


Traffic cones
Traffic cones are truly our workhorse, we use them to identify hazards and emergencies where they can be deployed quickly to establish perimeters, guide evacuations, or control traffic flow to and from the affected area. Where this little helper shines is for event management, we use them in events such as parades, marathons, 5k runs, or festivals, they can create safe pathways for pedestrians, and control vehicular traffic. No marathon or 5k event is complete without our very clean aesthetically pleasing cones. 



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Arrow Boards
Perfect for traffic diversions, They help direct traffic away from hazards, road closures, or other obstructions by indicating alternative routes or detours. Arrow boards assist emergency responders and law enforcement in managing incidents by directing traffic flow around the scene and ensuring safe access for rescue vehicles. Deployed during highway maintenance operations this tool in our arsenal alerts drivers to maintenance vehicles, road crews, or potential hazards on the roadway. Arrow boards enhance safety for road workers by alerting drivers to their presence and providing clear guidance on how to navigate through work zones. At night many arrow boards feature illuminated displays or reflective materials, making them highly visible in low-light conditions, improving safety for drivers.


Construction Signs
We have one of the biggest inventories and any type of sign that can help aid in anything from a public event to a construction site. We can supply any sign for your next project. From warning of construction ahead our signs are typically orange or fluorescent colors and can warn drivers of upcoming construction work or road maintenance. These signs are often placed well in advance of the work zone to give drivers time to adjust their speed and lane position. They can also assist in detour information, in cases where a road is completely closed due to construction, detour signs are used to redirect traffic onto alternative routes. These signs guide drivers around the construction zone and help them reach their destination efficiently. Regulatory information, some construction signs convey regulatory information, such as "No Parking," "No U-Turns," or "Construction Vehicles Only." Construction signs help enforce rules and maintain safety within the construction zone. They play a crucial role in promoting safety, efficiency, and awareness in and around construction zones, helping to minimize accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic during roadwork projects.


Water Barriers
Known as water-filled barriers, are versatile traffic control devices primarily used for temporary road closures, construction zones, and event management. One of its many uses is for lane separation, these barricades are often used to separate lanes of traffic, particularly in construction zones where lanes may be narrowed or shifted. Water barriers help prevent accidents and maintain order among drivers. Used for traffic diversion, water barriers are effective for diverting traffic away from specific areas, such as construction zones, roadwork sites, or accident scenes. By positioning the barriers strategically, traffic can be redirected to alternative routes, ensuring safety and minimizing disruptions.


Crowd Control “French” Barricades
Used for queue management, these barricades are effective for organizing queues and lines, especially in situations where large crowds are expected, such as ticket booths, entrances to venues, or security checkpoints. By forming orderly lines, French barricades help maintain order and reduce confusion among attendees. For security Perimeters, Crowd control barricades can be used to establish security perimeters around sensitive or restricted areas, such as VIP sections, backstage areas, or secure facilities. By creating physical barriers, they prevent unauthorized access and enhance security measures. Also, for crowd safety, in crowded environments, French barricades serve as a safety measure to prevent overcrowding, maintain clear pathways for evacuation in case of emergencies, and minimize the risk of accidents or trampling incidents.


Light Towers
Extended Work Hours, light towers enable construction work to continue after daylight, extending the productivity of construction crews. This is particularly useful for projects with tight deadlines or where work must be completed within a specific timeframe. Also used for improved visibility, by providing bright, even illumination across the construction site, light towers enhance visibility for workers, equipment operators, and site supervisors. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and ensures that work can be carried out safely and efficiently. Worksite safety, well-lit construction sites are safer for workers, as they can more easily identify potential hazards, obstacles, or unsafe conditions. Light towers help mitigate the risk of trips, falls, or other accidents that may occur in poorly lit areas. Their versatility and effectiveness make them indispensable equipment for construction projects of all sizes.

Pedestrian Safety, barrier walls can also be used to create protected pedestrian walkways along roadways or to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic in areas with heavy foot traffic. This enhances safety for pedestrians and reduces the risk of accidents. In work zone protection, barrier walls are commonly deployed to protect workers and equipment from oncoming traffic. By creating a physical barrier between the work area and passing vehicles, they enhance safety for both construction crews and motorists. LCD walls are designed to absorb and redirect the energy of vehicles in the event of a collision, thereby reducing the severity of impacts and minimizing damage to vehicles and property. They help improve road safety by mitigating the consequences of accidents. Lastly, LCD barriers can be deployed for security purposes, such as perimeter protection at events, airports, or government buildings. They create a physical barrier that restricts access to sensitive areas and helps deter unauthorized entry.


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