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Special Event Season in South Florida is Here

Special Event Season in South Florida is Here

Special event season in South Florida promises a lively and diverse array of festivities, offering something for everyone to enjoy outdoors and typically along public streets. From the vibrant and culturally rich Calle Ocho Festival, featuring lively music and delicious cuisine, to the exciting races like the Annual 7 Mile Bridge Run and the Miami Open showcasing world-class tennis, special events are not scarce. Visitors can immerse themselves in the artistic ambiance of events like Art Basel or indulge in culinary delights at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival all requiring street closures and designated pedestrians-only areas. 

Street closures require experience and expertise to keep traffic moving and pedestrians safe. Most of these events require closing major thoroughfares all at once for attendees to move about safely, while still allowing vehicular access to parking areas, and granting access to emergency vehicles. With events ranging from boat shows, and film festivals to wine extravaganzas, South Florida's event season ensures a dynamic and unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike. All American Barricades will do its part in keeping traffic flowing and attendees safe from harm.

How Can All American Barricades Assist?


Traffic Control:

Barricades are essential for managing traffic flow and ensuring the safety of event attendees. They can be strategically placed to guide traffic away from event areas or create designated routes.

Event Perimeter Security:
Barricades can help define the event's boundaries and control access points, ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the festival area.

Emergency Access:
All American Barricades can assist in designing layouts that allow for emergency vehicle access while still maintaining necessary crowd control measures.

Custom Solutions:
Depending on the specific requirements of each event, All American Barricades may offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the festival.

Installation and Removal Services:
All American Barricades can handle the logistics of installing and removing barricades, making it convenient for event organizers.

Traffic Management Plans
Rely on our proficient team of designers, certified by the state, to create your road closures in accordance with the FDOT and MUTCD. Additionally, we offer on-demand Professional Engineering certifications.

Permit Processing Services
Our permit processing services are specifically tailored for Right-Of-Way permits, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Our packages encompass a range of components, including a dedicated Site Visit to assess and strategize, meticulously crafted MOT (Maintenance of Traffic) Plans. 


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Here’s a quick list of what you can expect in the next few months.


The Fort Lauderdale Air Show
The Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show is a popular attraction that draws spectators from the local community and beyond. It provides an opportunity for aviation enthusiasts and the general public to witness impressive aerial displays and enjoy a day by the beach.


SunFest in Palm Beach
SunFest is an annual music and art festival held in West Palm Beach, Florida. It is one of the largest waterfront music and art festivals in Florida, typically taking place along the Intracoastal Waterway in downtown West Palm Beach. SunFest often incorporates a variety of arts and crafts, food vendors, and interactive activities along the streets of downtown Palm Beach.  


Ultra Music Festival
An annual electronic dance music (EDM) festival held in Miami, Florida, featuring renowned DJs and producers from around the world, drawing massive crowds for a high-energy and immersive musical experience.


Miami International Boat Show:
This event, usually held in February, is one of the largest boat shows in the world. It features a wide array of boats, marine products, and accessories.


Calle Ocho Festival:
The Calle Ocho Festival, celebrating Hispanic culture, often takes place in March in the Little Havana neighborhood along 8th Street. It features music, dance, food, and a lively atmosphere.


The Annual 7 Mile Bridge Run 

The Seven Mile Bridge Run is a popular event that attracts participants from across the country. The run typically allows a limited number of participants to race across the entire span of the Seven Mile Bridge, which is about 6.8 miles long. The event provides runners with a unique and scenic route, offering stunning views of the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys.


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