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Elevating Safety Standards in Construction Zones

Elevating Safety Standards in Construction Zones

Road and building construction are based on how safe the surrounding environment can be. When a construction zone calls for barricades, we answer with a suite of solutions designed to protect workers and maintain the flow of traffic. Let's look into the practical features that make All American Barricades the go-to partner for ensuring safety in construction environments.

Arrow Boards: Navigating Progress Safely
All American Barricades takes a pragmatic approach to barricade logistics, starting with Arrow Boards strategically placed to guide high-speed traffic safely and efficiently into less and slow-moving lanes. These boards act as reliable markers, ensuring a smooth flow of vehicles through construction areas. It's not just about barriers; it's about providing clear guidance for safe navigation.


Variable Message Boards 
Timely communication is essential especially when traffic is initially moving at a high speed. All American Barricades uses Variable Message Boards that serve as dynamic communicators of relevant updates. Whether it's redirecting traffic or conveying safety information, these boards enhance transparency, keeping everyone informed well ahead of the area of interest for a safer working environment.


LCD Walls
Longitudinal Channelizing Devices (LCD Walls) are designed to guide and direct the flow of traffic along a specific path. We typically use them in areas where there may be a need to temporarily alter traffic patterns or pedestrian flow. Made from individual sections they can be interlocked to form a custom length. This style of barricade provides the same level of pedestrian guidance as a concrete or plastic barricade but is easier to transport, install, and remove. 


Light Towers: Illuminating Night Shifts 
Recognizing the round-the-clock nature of construction work, All American Barricades provides Light Towers for nighttime operations. These towers not only illuminate the construction site but also enhance visibility, ensuring a secure working environment after sunset. Safety doesn't take a back seat when the sun goes down.


Some of the services where we are best in class:

  • Permitting (Permit Processing)
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Planning, Setting up, and supplying barricades for public events
  • Barricades Rentals
  • Supplying barricades for 5ks and Marathons
  • Traffic Management Solutions 


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Fence Panels
We often use fence panels to enhance the height and create a higher physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access or as an enclosure in various settings, such as crowd control, and temporary work zones. These panels are designed to be easily installed, moved, and dismantled, providing a flexible and effective solution for managing crowds. Also, fence panels are often modular, meaning they can be easily connected or disconnected to adjust the length of the barricade as needed.

The Takeaway
Finding the right barricade rental company involves careful consideration of the type of services, the quality of barricades, compliance with municipalities, delivery services, reputation, insurance coverage, availability of additional equipment, manpower, and customer service. At All American Barricades, we challenge ourselves to continuously meet or exceed industry benchmarks. We strictly adhere to local and national safety standards to provide your construction zone and its workers with a reliable barrier of safety. 

All American Barricades is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offering comprehensive services across the entire state. With strategically located satellite offices in Palm Beach and Winter Garden, we ensure swift accessibility to every corner of Florida, from the Panhandle to the Keys. To get in touch with any of our offices or to reach us directly, please click here, or you can call us at (888) 472-3389.


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