Traffic Control Driver (FTL, WPB, ORL)

Job Purpose:
The Traffic Control Driver is required to perform traffic control operations in order to maintain traffic on a roadway construction or special event in a manner that protects and conveys the public in an efficient manner within a specified work zone. This position requires performing a variety of tasks related to highway maintenance and adherence to all applicable federal state, and local regulations, company policies and procedures and safety guidelines.

Job Duties:
• Create a safe work zone that ensures that traffic stays out of the way of the workers
• Maintain a clean job site: pick up all tools and equipment and secure job site each day in order to eliminate potential hazards
• Ensure crew of flaggers and/or laborers are being compliant with company policies using communication skills (if an issue arises immediately contact AAB managers)
• Setting up other devices such as: signs, water-filled barricades, etc. on job site per MUTCD guidelines
• Must be constantly aware the job site, crew and traffic activity taking place around them
• Firm knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials and supplies used in traffic operations
• Effectively communicate problems or concerns to the Foreman, Project Supervisor or Safety Manager
• Company reserves the rights to add or change duties at any time
• Available for Special Events on weekends, throughout the year and holidays if needed
• Respond to Dispatch Center calls in a timely manner for availability
• Check inventory and inspect equipment needed for job prior to job and after job is complete
• Load all required equipment into vehicle prior to job and after job is complete


• Mandatory on call
• Navigate safely to and from office to jobsite
• Travel outside of the branch location if needed to
• Completing required paperwork, receipts, and time-sheets on or before mandatory deadlines

Job Qualifications:
• High school Diploma or Equivalent
• Traffic Control Specialist Certification (preferred)
• Must have valid driver’s license
• At least 1-2 years of Traffic Control Experience (preferred)
• Fully knowledgeable of the current local temporary traffic control standards*
• Experience on reading and designing Temporary Traffic control Plans (TTCP)* (preferred)
• Efficient in planning, organizing and safety (Safety concern is everyone's concern)*
• Willingness and ability to perform manual work following verbal and written instructions

Physical Requirements/ Work Environment:
• Requires standing for prolonged periods of time, perform full deep squat, full range of motion of arms and legs, repetitive movement, bending at the elbows, knees, hip and bending forward
• Requires lifting and carrying of up to 50lb or more from floor to chest level carrying horizontally or overhead for a certain amount of feet
• Requires using hands to handle, control or lift objects with a strong grip
• Requires stepping at least 33 inches onto tailgate of a truck
• Requires being outside and exposed to environmental conditions